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14 Oct 2011 by Robbie

What's broken in our industry? Part Two

In the first part of this article, I discussed some of the problems with our industry - specifically concerning how projects are run. I'm not going to re-iterate all that here, so if you haven't read that already then I suggest you check it out first.

11 Aug 2011 by Robbie

What's broken in our industry? Part One

When I was working for an agency, there were a phrase and a word I hated. The phrase was "can you just", the word was "yes".

9 Feb 2011 by Robbie

On working remotely...

The members of Nomad cooperative all work remotely, whether working on internal projects or client work, we are rarely in the same room whilst the actual work gets done. Whilst this is a non traditional method of working, it fits very well with us. Most people seem to assume that with remote working, communication suffers. Most of the time we've found the opposite to be true.