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22 Jun 2012 by Lee


This week I've been looking at Laravel, a relative newcomer to the PHP framework arena which already has quite a good following. I've been looking at various frameworks recently, trying to find something that would suit the various types of work we do within Nomad, a task not lightly undertaken.  So far we've looked at SilverStripe (our current preference), CodeIgniter, Drupal, Symphony and numerous others. While we like aspects of each, we always feel there's something lacking, or could be done better.

3 Feb 2012 by Nomad

Snippets: Accented Characters

This is a quick and dirty PHP hack which will convert accented characters to their non-accented version (e.g. á to a). It relies on the HTML entity starting with the unaccented character. It's highly volatile and likely to fail as it will convert & and other characters that you may not want converted.

21 Oct 2011 by Stoo

OO Programming

Recently at Nomad we were talking about Object Oriented Programming and I ended up going on for a bit. So what follows is an expansion of the email conversation we had, including the crab and sheep related example. It's mostly in C# with some PHP thrown in and a brief splash of Java. If you squint hard enough they all look the same.

5 May 2011 by Robbie

5 technologies I like working with

A short, sharp and highly subjective post. I was going to write about a few systems I’ve had the misfortune of working with recently. However I didn’t want to do one of those negative, bitchy posts that are oh so common on the Internet. So I thought I’d change tack and write a little about the systems/languages/techniques I like working with. These are in no particular order, and are not limited to one particular area.

8 Nov 2010 by Robbie

Having trouble with Silverstripe ModelAdmin?

I've recently completed a project for a client using SilverStripe - an open source PHP5 CMS. I've been a fan of it ever since I first stumbled upon it. It's relatively easy to use, has a good strong OO grounding and is very flexible with a powerful template language.