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1 Oct 2012 by Stoo


Last month I had another attempt at Ludum Dare. My first attempt was for LD23 and I failed miserably. This was due to under estimating how long the level design would take and an overly ambitious artworking concept.

15 Dec 2011 by Stoo

Full Frontal 2011

There was a contest after Full Frontal to write a blog post about the conference and be in with a chance to win a couple of tickets for next year's event. The deadline was the end of November so I may have missed that… Full Frontal had an interesting line up and venue – the ever good Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton who provided free coffee and pastry treats throughout the day. Fruit was provided by Prem at Dharma Fly which is a nice touch for a conference of geeks. Prem also hosts the fortnightly AsyncJS meet up, which is worth checking out if you're ever in Brighton.

8 Dec 2011 by Nomad

Snippets: Unique Id

A very simple function for creating a unique id in JavaScript.

25 Nov 2011 by Brad

Working with Internet Explorer 6

There is a phrase often uttered by clients. A phrase so nefarious that it makes developers weep, bawl, and ultimately rage.

17 Aug 2011 by Stoo

An MVC Approach to Table Sorting

Sorting data is a useful feature for tabular data in any web app. This is much easier to do if you separate the underlying data from the HTML of the table. The simplest way to achieve this is to take an Model View Controller approach (or MV in our case as we won't need a controller) utilising the observer programming pattern. This will allow us to decouple the data (model) from the table (view). All the view really needs to know is what the data contains and when it changes, not how it was changed.

16 Jun 2011 by Stoo

Looping for Performance in JavaScript

Recently for a project I've been working on I came across some JavaScript code written like this:

20 May 2011 by Nomad

Tales From the Internet: Code and Interfaces

Interesting things we've discovered on the internet this month:

11 May 2011 by Stoo

Dojo and Micro Frameworks

Recently I've been doing a lot of JavaScript, which has been a nice change from PHP. I've taken a new interest in the outbreak of the myriad Micro JS formats which have become available but I've mainly been working with Dojo.

17 Nov 2010 by Stoo

FullFrontal 2010

Last Friday was Fullfrontal 2010 held at the Duke of York's cinema here in Brighton. As it's only ten minutes walk from my front door I felt obliged to attend. And I'm glad I did because it was awesome!