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9 Sep 2011 by Lee

EEUK 2011

This month I attended the first UK based Expression Engine conference aptly called 'EEUK'. Held in Manchester town hall, and kindly organised by Ian Ebden from DesignKarma. Typically, Expression Engine conferences have always been held abroad, either in parts of Europe, or as EECI is this year, in America.

5 May 2011 by Robbie

5 technologies I like working with

A short, sharp and highly subjective post. I was going to write about a few systems I’ve had the misfortune of working with recently. However I didn’t want to do one of those negative, bitchy posts that are oh so common on the Internet. So I thought I’d change tack and write a little about the systems/languages/techniques I like working with. These are in no particular order, and are not limited to one particular area.