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2 Nov 2012 by Lee


I've been waiting for an opportunity to try out a new(ish) piece of software named CodeKit for a while now, and recently started a new project in which I thought it'd be perfect to give it a trial run.

1 Oct 2012 by Stoo


Last month I had another attempt at Ludum Dare. My first attempt was for LD23 and I failed miserably. This was due to under estimating how long the level design would take and an overly ambitious artworking concept.

13 Jul 2012 by Brad

Sync Norwich

This month saw the first meeting of a new Tech / Start-up / Entreprenuer group in Norwich called Sync Norwich.

20 Apr 2012 by Stoo

Ludum Dare

It's supposed to be a new TFI this week (and last week (and the week before)) but I've been a little too busy of late to put it together. My excuse this week is that I'm doing Ludum Dare this weekend and have been mainly focusing on prep work for that - by that I mean making sure I've got the tools for the job, the fuel for the job and enough rations that I don't have to leave the house until monday. Everything is ready and I'm all set to get started. I've set up a new Tumblr account so you can follow my progress.

15 Mar 2012 by Brad

Adobe Shadow

 For this week’s blog post I thought I would talk a little about a new tool that Lee recently made me aware of: Shadow from Adobe.

15 Dec 2011 by Stoo

Full Frontal 2011

There was a contest after Full Frontal to write a blog post about the conference and be in with a chance to win a couple of tickets for next year's event. The deadline was the end of November so I may have missed that… Full Frontal had an interesting line up and venue – the ever good Duke of Yorks cinema in Brighton who provided free coffee and pastry treats throughout the day. Fruit was provided by Prem at Dharma Fly which is a nice touch for a conference of geeks. Prem also hosts the fortnightly AsyncJS meet up, which is worth checking out if you're ever in Brighton.

25 Nov 2011 by Brad

Working with Internet Explorer 6

There is a phrase often uttered by clients. A phrase so nefarious that it makes developers weep, bawl, and ultimately rage.

21 Oct 2011 by Stoo

OO Programming

Recently at Nomad we were talking about Object Oriented Programming and I ended up going on for a bit. So what follows is an expansion of the email conversation we had, including the crab and sheep related example. It's mostly in C# with some PHP thrown in and a brief splash of Java. If you squint hard enough they all look the same.

14 Oct 2011 by Robbie

What's broken in our industry? Part Two

In the first part of this article, I discussed some of the problems with our industry - specifically concerning how projects are run. I'm not going to re-iterate all that here, so if you haven't read that already then I suggest you check it out first.

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