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26 Apr 2013 by Stoo

Videos and the iOS Simulator

Recently I've been working on an iOS app using MonoTouch from Xamarin, which required choosing a video from the iPhone media library. As it's an early stage prototype I wasn't in a position to run it on my phone just yet so I needed a way to copy some videos onto the simulator. At first I tried dragging and dropping files from Finder onto the simulator. With an image this would open in the browser and holding the mouse down on the image allowed me to save directly to the library without any problems. I couldn't get the same thing to work with video files, though.

31 May 2012 by Stoo

MonoTouch and OpenGL: Really Rendering Images

I realised when I started writing this article that the previous installment was called "Rendering Images" but only covered loading them... So this time I'll really talk about rendering images. In the previous articles we looked at preparing the device and setting the viewport and loading the image using UIImage.

20 Apr 2012 by Stoo

Ludum Dare

It's supposed to be a new TFI this week (and last week (and the week before)) but I've been a little too busy of late to put it together. My excuse this week is that I'm doing Ludum Dare this weekend and have been mainly focusing on prep work for that - by that I mean making sure I've got the tools for the job, the fuel for the job and enough rations that I don't have to leave the house until monday. Everything is ready and I'm all set to get started. I've set up a new Tumblr account so you can follow my progress.

30 Mar 2012 by Stoo

MonoTouch and OpenGL: Part 2 Rendering Images

Last time I talked about MonoTouch and getting started with OpenGL development on the iPhone. We got as far as preparing OpenGL for 2D development by setting up our view port size and co-ordinate space.

24 Feb 2012 by Stoo

MonoTouch and OpenGL

Recently I've been working a lot with MonoTouch from Xamarin and OpenGL ES, or rather the OpenTK bindings that come with MonoTouch.

21 Oct 2011 by Stoo

OO Programming

Recently at Nomad we were talking about Object Oriented Programming and I ended up going on for a bit. So what follows is an expansion of the email conversation we had, including the crab and sheep related example. It's mostly in C# with some PHP thrown in and a brief splash of Java. If you squint hard enough they all look the same.