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10 Feb 2014 by Stoo

Duck Duck Gone

Over the past couple of years I've changed my web browsing habits quite a bit. I've become - I don't want to say paranoid, but this will probably come across as paranoid. In 2012 I stopped viewing Facebook in a regular browser, I now only view it in a private window. Last year I did the same thing with Gmail.

27 Apr 2011 by Brad

Book Review - HTML5 for Web Designers

Recently I went on a splurge of buying industry relevant books and now that I have finally gotten around to reading one of them I thought I'd let you know what I think.

4 Nov 2010 by Stoo

Wii Multi-Touch

This is a short video of a multi-touch interface using the Wiimote controller, a couple of IR light pens (built by Robbie) and a photo gallery demo application, which I wrote a few years ago. It was heavily based on ideas by Johnny Chung Lee.