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Viewing entries posted in September 2010

27 Sep 2010 by Robbie

Disaster recovery: Do you have a plan?

I've asked around and there are three camps when it comes to backups and disaster recovery:

20 Sep 2010 by Stoo

Managing Expectations

On Saturday I received a delivery from Amazon. It was supposed to arrive today or tomorrow, according to their email. This is not unusual for Amazon, in fact it's very common. Almost all of their deliveries have arrived early.

11 Sep 2010 by Stoo

dConstruct 2010

dConstruct, like previous years, was inspirational rather than educational. I don't think I learnt much that I didn't know already, but that's not why I went. For me dConstruct is very much about ideas – generating them, evolving them, feeding my own imagination with the ideas of others – and in that respect it was as fantastic as ever.

9 Sep 2010 by Robbie

Nomad Coop Blog

Welcome to Nomad's blog. Here you will eventually find a selection of posts on a variety of technical, and probably sometimes not so technical, subjects - basically anything that interests us or has inspired us in some way. Topics coming up are our thoughts on the most recent dConstruct event, our favourite Ted videos and a selection of articles we've previously published elsewhere that we will be bringing into this space.