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2 Nov 2012 by Lee


I've been waiting for an opportunity to try out a new(ish) piece of software named CodeKit for a while now, and recently started a new project in which I thought it'd be perfect to give it a trial run.

22 Jun 2012 by Lee


This week I've been looking at Laravel, a relative newcomer to the PHP framework arena which already has quite a good following. I've been looking at various frameworks recently, trying to find something that would suit the various types of work we do within Nomad, a task not lightly undertaken.  So far we've looked at SilverStripe (our current preference), CodeIgniter, Drupal, Symphony and numerous others. While we like aspects of each, we always feel there's something lacking, or could be done better.

9 Sep 2011 by Lee

EEUK 2011

This month I attended the first UK based Expression Engine conference aptly called 'EEUK'. Held in Manchester town hall, and kindly organised by Ian Ebden from DesignKarma. Typically, Expression Engine conferences have always been held abroad, either in parts of Europe, or as EECI is this year, in America.

11 Jul 2011 by Lee

Version control with GIT - Installing GIT

Installing Git is very straight forward, the nice people over at the Git website have precompiled binaries for most popular operating systems. Simply head on over to Git's download page and choose the one that's right for you.

15 Apr 2011 by Lee

Version control with GIT - Introduction

Over the past year or two Git has become an increasingly popular method of version control for the web development community. Subversion has been a popular choice in the industry for a while but it seems a change is happening (or happened, depending if you've already moved to Git). Although Subversion (or SVN as it's commonly referred to) is still a perfectly adequate, it seems the cool kids are using Git.