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30 Jan 2014 by Brad

Small businesses really need better protection.

Something happened to us a year ago that I want to talk about and I think that enough time has passed now for me to talk about it objectively.

13 Jul 2012 by Brad

Sync Norwich

This month saw the first meeting of a new Tech / Start-up / Entreprenuer group in Norwich called Sync Norwich.

15 May 2012 by Brad


As our web builds have moved more toward HTML5 and CSS3, I have noticed some selectors cropping up more and more in my work. One of the ones I find myself using most often is :nth-of-type.

15 Mar 2012 by Brad

Adobe Shadow

 For this week’s blog post I thought I would talk a little about a new tool that Lee recently made me aware of: Shadow from Adobe.

25 Nov 2011 by Brad

Working with Internet Explorer 6

There is a phrase often uttered by clients. A phrase so nefarious that it makes developers weep, bawl, and ultimately rage.

27 Sep 2011 by Brad

What I've learned from working contracts for large corporations.

Throughout my career so far I have on several occasions worked contract roles with very large financial corporations. There are a lot of things that big corporations do wrong and that's not what I want to get into in this post. What I want to look at is the things I have learned and how they've effected me both as a freelancer and now that I am a representative of Nomad.

25 Jul 2011 by Brad

On trusting who you hire

Like so many of the blog post topics that spring into my head, this post is inspired from a conversation that I observed on Twitter.

2 Jun 2011 by Brad

What is Mobile?

Recently I've seen my Twitter feed filling up more and more with developers talking about Responsive Design.

27 Apr 2011 by Brad

Book Review - HTML5 for Web Designers

Recently I went on a splurge of buying industry relevant books and now that I have finally gotten around to reading one of them I thought I'd let you know what I think.

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